Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and System Controls

FTEC Electrical bring innovation and expertise to the design and delivery of your industrial automation systems.

Our experience spans brownfield and greenfield sites, in both the public and private sector.

Industrial Automation Systems

There are three main system components:

  • Equipment/Plant or Process
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) or Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and System Controls

FTEC Electrical provide a complete solution for design, installation and onward maintenance and monitoring of SCADA and control systems.

System Design

Our engineers will design a SCADA and control system which will bridge the gap between your current capabilities and your future system requirements.  Each system is unique, and a solution will be carefully planned and implemented by our team.

FTEC Electrical bring a modern design philosophy and approach to ensure out systems are built using the latest tools.

FTEC Electrical will create a SCADA and Control System that can handle complex data and issues, and yet is simple to use and operate by your team.

Remote Terminal Units, Programmable Logic Controllers and Software

With many years of experience working on deployments and installations we can confidently recommend, select and provide the necessary hardware and software components for your individual SCADA and industrial automation control system.

FTEC Electrical will ensure your new system balances capacity, interface, features and budget to provide you with a reliable, cost effective and appropriate solution.

The complete SCADA system will be customised to meet your control and monitoring objectives and will integrate seamlessly into your operating environment.

Equipment Build and Install

FTEC Electrical can construct and install small panels through to a complex switchboards carrying all hardware and software for your SCADA and Control System along with any necessary infrastructure components.  Whatever the requirements FTEC Electrical can provide full project management and end to end execution in-house.

We adhere strictly to design specifications and ensure the appropriate environment for your system along with full testing and rigorous commissioning.

Training and Support

FTEC Electrical can provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for operational staff to operate and maintain your SCADA and Control Systems.

We have a support team who can provide fast and reliable support to minimise the impact of any hardware or software issues.

Upgrades and Expansion

As technology advances, the need to upgrade and update your system can be managed by FTEC Electrical.  Our team stay current with the latest technologies and capabilities. We can provide you with appropriate recommendations for your SCADA and Control System updates.

As your business grows FTEC Electrical can assist you with planning on how to expand your SCADA and control system to continue to meet your business objectives.

Monitoring and Optimisation

FTEC Electrical can offer real time monitoring of your processes and system performance, you can be confident that your system is operating at its optimum. 

Provision of a remote monitoring system at FTEC Electrical will enable us to identify any issues immediately and commence a remedial action plan no matter where the system is located.

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